Our guiding principles

  1. We are exclusively committed to our clients. As loyal and highly valued consultants, we will assist you in all areas concerning comprehensive risk and insurance management.

  2. We know our clients, their business and the resulting risks.

  3. We are proactive in informing our clients about market changes, new concepts and further possibilities for transferring and minimising risks.

  4. In the event of claims, our clients fully benefit from our proven performance capability.

  5. We will answer any question in a friendly, prompt, competent and understandable manner.

  6. We are always fair to clients and insurers.

  7. We act as a team and, with our comprehensive expertise in all risk and insurance areas, contribute to continual innovations.

  8. We think entrepreneurially and act sustainably.

  9. We are not looking for short-term successes. Rather we aspire to long-term and cooperative client and business relationships.

  10. We uphold modern values while cultivating good business traditions. We serve and act on behalf of our clients to their benefit.