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Are you sure? Let's check, just to be safe. Risk Assessment by NW Assekuranz

Engineering Services

When we assess your risks, you benefit from the expertise of our engineers – as well as our desire to really understand every detail. This ensures that you get a coverage concept that will really hold in the event of damage. Furthermore, you profit from our experts' good reputation with the international companies that know us for our exceptionally accurate and transparent risk analyses and assessments. In the field of risk assessment, we provide the following services:

  • Risk survey for technical assessment of the permanent establishments together with your technical directors and our risk and fire protection engineers
  • Analysis of particular risk exposures including default risks due to interdependencies and repercussions (e.g. of key suppliers) and comparison with existing coverages together with our technical departments
  • Loss simulation, assessment of the respective impact on business processes, and deduction of necessary loss prevention measures
  • Business interruption analysis (business contingency analysis)
  • Assistance with the preparation and analysis of fire protection concepts and experts opinions on security systems (such as burglar alarm, fire alarm or fire suppression systems)
  • Comprehensive advice on the planning and implementation of new construction and conversion measures with a view to the risk management
  • Expertise in the fields of process engineering, electrical engineering, building appraisal, and rescue and firefighting services (defensive fire protection)
  • Fire investigation and preparation of an expert opinion that will hold up in court
  • Assessment of technical damage/advice on preventive measures in the field of fire protection and other risk management
  • Connections with an extended network of special technical experts

Insurance Advice

Identifying, analysing and reviewing the insurability of the risks resulting from contractual agreements and commitments can play a vital role. NW Assekuranz assists with the awarding/contract negtiations and the review of terms of supply and terms of business from an insurance-oriented perspective. For example, we analyse the feasability and economic impact of third-party insurance requirements, and we offer recommendations and suggest possible wordings for insurance-related provisions in terms of supply and terms of business.

Assistance with M&A processes

When M&A processes are coming up, we provide a special team that will assist you with insurance-related issues of the process. Our range of services in this respect includes:

  • Analysis of the risk situation
  • Review of existing or planned coverages, identification of uninsured risks, identification of vulnerabilities
  • Assessment of insurance-related provisions in financing/supply and/or service contracts
  • Preparation of a corresponding report for the decision-making bodies
  • 24/7 availability
  • Assessment and identification of potential transaction risks or review of the coverage of transaction risks within the framework of warranty & indemnity insurance

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