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You manage your company. We manage your risks. Risk Management by NW Assekuranz

The economy is growing ever more globalised and complex: As soon as you undertake something, you take a risk. In addition, you are dealing with a continuously growing digital economy, mastering which requires your and your team's full attention. Information is exchanged and decisions are made within seconds, and what's more, international companies are operation within an increasingly uncertain political framework. This is a balancing act that calls for assistance.

It is the same with risks. In this area, NW Assekuranz is your management team, standing by your side with its in-depth knowledge of the industry. In Germany and all around the world. We make your risks transparent and develop effective measures to transfer the risk at the highest market level. At the same time, we are able to identify opportunities and exploit hitherto unused potential. Using our exceptional know-how, we turn your risk management into a well-founded decision-making tool for all your key business processes.

  • Development of a standardised insurance philosophy in line with your company's risk strategy
  • Joint development of risk management tools (such as a risk matrix, recall and emergency plans, identification of redundancies, captive insurance analyses)
  • Joint development of alternative risk financing options (ARF/ART), e.g. for supply chain risks, supplier/customer dependence
  • Qualified analysis of individual claims experiences and presentation of captive insurance models, in particular in areas where claims arise frequently
  • Case-based process standardisation: Joint development of standard processes regarding insurance-related processing (in particular claims processing), recording and updating of risk information, work templates for recording initial information, e.g. on upcoming new projects, M&A processes, etc.


"You need to take a broader view"

Matthias Böhm, Managing Director of NW Assekuranz:

It's complicated: Modern value chains are usually highly complex and very finely meshed. In order to gain a competitive edge, each member of the chain has to interlock perfectly with the next. The main concern is preventing trouble. If everything depends on everything else, and even the smallest leeway is exploited, the system becomes more vulnerable. We spoke with Matthias Böhm, Managing Director of NW Assekuranz, about ways to grow without ever increasing risks, and the role of tailor made risk management in this context.



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