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NW Assekuranz: where others back out, we keep backing you up.

The world is changing: This is the time for grand ideas. For the courage to think differently. For taking firm steps in a new direction. From a global perspective, this is true for our energy supply, our mobility, and on the whole, for the way we act. But it is also true for every single decision that unlocks a company's potential – the complexity of this day and age may be disconcerting, but more importantly, it offers a wealth of business opportunities.

NW Assekuranz stepped up to be an active part of this change. We are one of the world's leading companies when it comes to insurance for the wind power industry today because we did not get dizzy watching wind turbines grow ever higher, nor seasick when they began to move offshore. We are keen on being involved and finding solutions where as yet, there are none. We are there when plant engineers build a new production facility somewhere in the world. When the next generation of express trains takes to the rails. Or when a new wind farm is erected at the German coast. Those are great challenges, and we love great challenges.

As an insurance broker, we transfer risks by developing customised coverage concepts and placing them on the insurance market. To do that, we get involved and cooperate. Our team consists of more than 300 experts from a wide variety of industries and specialties. Our engineers speak the language of technology, our legal experts check your liability risks, and our insurance experts cast them into tailor-made concepts.

Being a broker, we are accountable only to you, and we tackle your everyday challenges eagerly, also in the event of damage: We have both the strength and the passion needed to resolutely assert your claims. Furthermore, since we are one of the largest providers on the market, we contract out large volumes to insurance companies all over the world, which gives us a buying power that benefits you directly. We are fully committed to achieving the best possible premiums and ideal insurance solutions!

The Management of NW Assekuranz

André Grobien

Managing Partner

Thomas Haukje

Managing Partner

Dr. Patrick Wendisch

Managing Partner

Matthias Böhm

Managing Partner

Ralf Tabbert

Managing Director NW Assekuranz

Hendrik Liedtke

Managing Director NW Assekuranz

Jan-Christoph Hinrichs

Managing Partner
NW Hamburg

Matthias Kliesch

Managing Partner
NW Düsseldorf

Achim Fischer-Erdsiek

Managing Partner
NW ProRisk

Welcome to NW Assekuranz

Nordwest Assekuranzmakler GmbH & Co. KG

Herrlichkeit 5 - 6
28199 Bremen

Phone +49 (0)421 989607-0

NW Assekuranzmakler Düsseldorf GmbH & Co. KG

Ernst-Schneider-Platz 1
40212 Düsseldorf

Phone +49 (0)211 561591-10

NW Assekuranzmakler Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG

Airport Center, Flughafenstraße 52
22335 Hamburg

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Nordwest Assekuranzmakler GmbH & Co. KG
Branch Office Hamburg

Airport Center, Flughafenstraße 52
22335 Hamburg

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NW Assekuranzmakler ProRisk GmbH & Co. KG

Hildesheimer Straße 8
30169 Hannover

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NW Assekuranzmakler Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG
Branch Office Kiel

Auguste-Viktoria-Straße 2
24103 Kiel

Phone +49 (0)431 600538-38

FSF Insurance Broker GmbH

Beilngrieser Straße 85
85055 Ingolstadt

Phone +49 (0)841 8869-5113

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We insure your assets. Based on our values.

The Guiding Principles of NW Assekuranz

  1. We are committed only to serving our clients. We are loyal and renowned consultants and assist them with their integrated risk and insurance management.
  2. We know our clients, their business, and the risks arising therefrom.
  3. We keep our clients informed of changes in the market, new concepts, and other possibilities to transfer risks.
  4. In the event of damage, we prove our efficiency to our clients' benefit.
  5. We answer every question courteously, quickly, competently and clearly.
  6. We are always fair vis-à-vis both clients and insurers.
  7. We are a team, and we use our comprehensive expertise in all risk and insurance fields to contribute to continuous innovation.
  8. We think as entrepreneurs and act sustainably.
  9. We do not aim for short-term success. We strive for long-standing client and business relationships.
  10. We represent for modern values while preserving good traditions in our business. We serve and work for our clients.

Two Heads are better than one Associations and partnerships: Partners of NW Assekuranz

To obtain even more expertise and even more accurate coverage concepts, we have been working with a number of renowned associations and been part of strong partnerships for many years. Our objective: the best possible service and security for your company and your projects.

Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit (German only)

BDVM Bundesverband Deutscher Versicherungsmakler e. V.

Bundesverband Energiespeicher Systeme e. V.

Bundesverband Geothermie e. V.

Bundesverband WindEnergie e. V.

CCC Com Credit Contor (German only)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Vermögensschadenhaftpflicht e. V. (German only)

Clustermanagement Digitale Wirtschaft Schleswig-Holstein (German only)

Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg Clusteragentur GmbH

GeoEnergy Celle e. V. – Kompetenz in Erdöl, Erdgas, Erdwärme (German only)

H2BX – Wasserstoff für die Region Bremerhaven e. V. (German only)

Hannover IT (German only)

IFIT Freies Institut für IT-Sicherheit (German only)

IHK ecoFinder (German only)

Landesverband Erneuerbare Energien Schleswig-Holstein (LEE SH) (German only)

Offshore Windenergie - Schutz und Sicherheit (OWiSS) (German only)

Partnerschaft Umwelt Unternehmen (German only)

WAB e. V.

watt_2.0 (German only)

WindEnergy Network e. V.