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Taking a risk – And taking wing with you. Coverage for the aerospace industry

Exploring new horizons is in our company's DNA. We are there when our clients prepare to take wing, as for example in the aerospace industry. Airlines, aircraft manufacturers and airports as well as international consortia for the construction of aerospace technology – with NW Assekuranz, every risk loses some of its gravity. Together with our clients, we take risks to facilitate innovation and open up new horizons. With all standards and

  • Transport and erection all-risks coverage for pre- and final assembly of satellite technology, including analysis and development of additional coverage concepts regarding project delays caused by damage
  • Insurance-related assistance with test campaigns simulating the launch conditions and in-orbit environments
  • Pre-launch and launch coverages for satellite technology
  • Coverage concepts for aircrafts and turbine and engine insurance (equipment breakdown insurance, comprehensive insurance, residual value insurance)

Our experts have experience and expertise in the (inter)national aerospace market – and they provide ground control as you take wing.

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View of the earth from space | Insurance concepts for aerospace industry with NW Assekuranz

Brokers without fear of heights:
Coverage concepts for the aerospace industry

Departing into unchartered waters and exploring new horizons is the Hanseatic way. This curiositiy has driven us, too – it even brought us into space. We are one of only a handful of providers who offer coverages for the construction and transport of satellites. For example, we assist a key global player whose projects range from individual customised solutions to complex series of more than 30 satellites. We are there from the start, when the blueprints are drawn and the configuration are determined. We organise the coverage for all the suppliers involved, and we procure the necessary builders' all-risks insurance. We also assist with the detailed cold, vibration and zero-gravity tests done, for example, at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk.

And when the satellites are installed in the launch vehicle (e.g. at the European Kourou Space Centre in French Guiana), we have already dound the appropriate escorts and transport insurances. The countdown starts, and everyone's fingers are crossed!

In such a highly specialised market where even seemingly small mistakes can cause millions of euros of damage, you need a profound understanding of the matter at hand to be able to identify risks and clearly present them to insurance companies. Thanks to the trust that our clients invest in us, we have been able to develop a level of expertise in this subject that is unique on the market. The orbit is waiting!

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