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The stuff that security is made of Coverage for the plastics and paper industry

With about 360,000 employees and an annual revenue of approx. EUR 80 billion, the German plastics and paper industry is one of the most important sectors in Germany.

These industries that consume large quantities of energy and resources are under particularly high pressure in terms of quality, price and innovation, and they are facing markets that have changed radically. Furthermore, many companies are subject to extensive requirements regarding fire and environmental protection. And the demands of the customers with respect to liability and warranty grow ever higher, too.

As a specialised broker for the plastics and paper industry, we know the numerous requirements for the companies and their environment well – which is why we are able to optimally place your risks on the international insurance market.

  • Risk concepts based on our own technical experience regarding the reduction of capital expenditures
  • Efficient claims management with emergency plans to minimise machinery downtimes
  • Active assistance in case of integration of adjacent fields of material processing that are relevant for the insurance coverage (e.g. PET recycling, waste paper or RDF processing)

Supporting your risk management in the field of prevention, review of supply and service contracts, advice on new construction, etc. is a matter of course for us.

Tales from the world of a Global Broker

Plastic granules in blue, white, red and yellow | Risk management for the plastics industry with NW Assekuranz

Catching the spark:
Risk Management for the Plastics Industry

A North German manufacturer of plastic granules is on fire – time and time again. The risk threatens to become uninsurable due to the almost predictable recurrence of the events of damage, which is why our client asks us for help. This much is obvious: The ignition source is located somewhere in the vicinity of the extruder ventilation system, which aspires vapours containing plastic particles during production. The industry is well aware of this problem because of the aggressiveness of the resulting chemical composition of the exhaust air, but the frequency of incidents in this case is unusual. We take a close look at the ventilation systems used, confer with the manufacturers, and call in our own experts. It turns out that the fires are caused by build-ups of material at the seams inside the pipes. The permanent heat exposure reduces the ignition point, and a fire is bound to start.

The solution: A permanent water screen installed at defined points within the aspiration system flushes out these build-ups, preventing this self-ignition effect. The fact that the laborious cleaning of the exhaust pipes can now be done at longer intervals is a positive side effect, saving additional maintenance costs.

Each industry has its own ignition source issues that we address with a lot of experience and customised solutions. Mitigating risks by means of practical measures, making the probability of occurrence of events of damage transparent and quantifiable, developing differentiated stories that can sometimes open up entirely new insurance markets – that is how we understand our risk management for your production.

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