A power line at sunset | Coverage for the raw materials, waste management and energy industry

Making sure the line is clear Coverage for the raw materials, waste management and energy industry

From billing to security of supply: The players in the raw materials and energy industry face a wide variety of risks every day. Only with detailed knowledge of each of these areas can effective coverage be established. We are Germany's expert for the raw materials, waste management and energy industry, and we assist you with concepts e.g. for

  • energy production,
  • energy storage,
  • energy transmission,
  • energy billing,
  • energy trading, and
  • security of supply.

Furthermore, we identify and place risks arising in the disposal, sorting, processing, and recycling of recyclable waste. The international players in this industry know the expertise of our experts and work with them on a basis of trust and confidence.

As one of the largest insurance brokers in Germany, we obtain advantages for you that become an important factor in the coverage of your risks.

  • Exceptional know-how in risk and insurance management for the entire energy industry
  • Risk analyses and tailor-made insurance solutions – from project preparation to the assembly and subsequent operation of processing and production facilities and power plants
  • In-depth consultancy – from the technical engineering to the draft of insurance provisions in the supply and service contracts, the awarding and financing negotiations, and through to the operation, you get exceptionally high-quality advice
  • Particular attention needs to be paid to continuous fire protection in the waste management industry in order to ensure cost-efficient insurability at all times

Everything we do, we do at eye level with your specialists. Our team includes engineers and highly experienced experts from the industry who are always up to date regarding the state of the art and develop innovative solutions – e.g. for wind power, waste-to-energy projects and conventional power plants, and in geothermal power and gas extraction.

Tales from the world of a Global Broker

Waste pressed into bales at a landfill site | Sparking idea from NW Assekuranz: a new storage structure for landfills and recycling yards

Kindling Idea:
a new storage structure for landfills and recycling yards

Time and again, fires break out on the landfills and recycling yards of a waste disposal company, sometimes causing serious damage. They are often caused by spontaneous ignition: Under certain circumstances, the organic materials stored at the yards heat up und ignite. This is a difficult issue for insurance companies because the causes are foreseeable and the overall damage to such a site (including the technical facilities, the fleet and the loss of income) can be huge – consequently, insurance coverage ist very expensive, if it is offered at all.

But if you take a closer look, it is clear that a few organisational measures can help to significantly reduce both the development and the impact of such damage. Take for example the processing of the "yellow bags" for packaging materials, which catch fire almost regularly due to the reasons explained above. We ensure that when the bags are delivered, they will be stored in a location far away from the valuable production facilities in the future, to be taken to the halls only when the waste is scheduled to be sorted. Now, it is a different story for the insurers – a few hundred burning bags do not cause a significant financial loss, and the fire hazard for the company's other assets and the landfill is reduced significantly after the waste is sorted by type.

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