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Buying Power for every route and destination Coverage for the transport and logistics industry

The logistics industry is the all-around service provider of the global supply chains. The flows of goods are increasingly integrated into the customers' production processes; in fact, it is not uncommon for the goods to be processed en route to the recipient. The strong internationality of goods transport offers numerous opportunities, but it also entails many risks. We help you to identify and insure them.

  • Exceptional expertise in all logistics areas; be it forwarder, carrier or warehouse keeper – our experts know not only the processes of the logistics service providers, but the clients' processes as well
  • Detailed survey of individual liability constellations and translation into appropriate insurance solutions for goods and transport
  • Review and assessment of carriage, forwarding, warehousing and logistics contracts in terms of transport liability and insurance coverage

All the markets in every country: We offer the kind of security for your international logistics that only a globally operating insurance and industry specialist can offer. Push your boundaries!

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